"I'm Marla, And I Love Your Husband." Ivana Trump Knew At That Moment Her Marriage With Donald Trump Was Doomed

Date July 4, 2018 17:09

Ivana Trump always says only good things about her ex-husband, Donald Trump. She praises his character and attitude. According to the ex-wife, the partners never had any troubles in marriage. The couple even welcomed three children into this world: Donald, Ivanka, and Erik. If everything was so fine, why did the two break up?

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Who is Ivana?

The first Donald Trump’s wife, or as she likes to call herself the First Lady, Ivana Zalnickova was born on February 20, 1949, in Zlin, former Czechoslovakia. She is now a 69-year-old businesswoman. However, back in the days, she was a model and a TV personality. At first, she moved to Canada at 23, and 4 years later, she moved once again, this time to New York. There, she met the man who changed her world.

When did the two get married?

Donald and Ivana met in 1976 and got married a year later, in 1977. The two became one the biggest names in New York, as together they took on such big projects like the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Trump Tower. Even nowadays, Ivana still brags about her achievements as a businesswoman. Donald and Ivana have 3 children from their marriage. As Donald Trump recalls, everything was perfect in his life:

My life was so great in so many ways. The business was so great, ... a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful wife, a beautiful everything. Life was just a bowl of cherries.

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Why did they get divorced?

Wait what? Did he say ‘girlfriend’? Yes, apparently, the perfect marriage broke because of another woman. Her name was Marla Maples, and she became the one to split Ivana and Donald. According to Ivana’s book Raising Trump, she knew her marriage was over the minute she met Maples:

This young blonde woman approached me out of the blue and said, ‘I'm Marla, and I love your husband. Do you?’ I said, ‘Get lost. I love my husband’. It was unladylike, but I was in shock.


And indeed, after Trump got caught in an affair with then-26-year-old Maples, every tabloid knew it was their golden time. Ivana and Donald stole all the headlines because of their vicious and bloody divorce process, where “Trump vs. Trump. Billion Dollar Blowup” and “Best Sex I’ve Ever Had” are the most notable ones, of course.


Donald and Ivana officially finalized their divorce in 1992, and the next thing Donald did was marrying Marla in 1993. They welcomed one child, Tiffany, named after Tiffany & Co. The marriage, however, didn’t last long. 6 years later, the two broke up as well. And now, Donald Trump is married to Melania Trump. The two have been officially together for already 13 years. 12-year-old Barron Trump is the couple’s only child.

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