It Wasn't A Frappuccino! Thomas Markle Disputes The Picture Of Him With The Famous Starbucks Coffee After Heart Surgery

Date May 25, 2018

The wedding ceremony was absolutely magnificent and, moreover, was full of different awkward moments, such as Rick Hoffman’s displeased face, bored Marcus Mumford, the arrival of slightly angry Queen, and the fact that the official program still included Megan’s dad. Speaking of which, Thomas finally told his story of why he had been absent at the wedding ceremony.

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The wedding controversy

It all started with the official statement from Meghan Markle where she tells mainly two things: her father is not attending the wedding, and he has health issues.

However, Meghan’s sister, Samantha, decided to specify the statement with her own story in an interview with Ed, Grant & Em where she claimed that her father had had a heart attack and was recovering from successful surgery. Then, all of a sudden, the photos of Thomas Markle holding a Frappuccino from Starbucks appeared online. These photos captured Meghan’s dad a few hours before Samantha’s interview. Obviously, people sense when somebody's lying.  

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

Thomas Markle finally sheds some light upon this controversial story. He tells TMZ that his drink didn’t contain caffeine and that he didn’t even finish it. The father also complains about being bombarded by paparazzi and says he didn’t ask for this.

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The condition that kept Thomas stateside

And indeed, if 73-year-old Thomas Markle had had a heart issue, no way he could’ve safely travel to London and attend the ceremony. To understand the condition, you should know that heart attack is typically caused by coronary artery disease (CAD) and means that some part of the heart muscle stops receiving a sufficient amount of the oxygenated blood. It can be lethal if not treated timely.

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Stress caused by intense emotions can certainly lead to a heart attack, especially if the person has CAD. And if successfully treated, according to the American Heart Association, heart attack patients are kept out of work for about 2 weeks or even more, if the surgery was complicated.

With all that being said, we can presume that Thomas could’ve had a heart attack and underwent surgery. If so, he indeed couldn’t attend the ceremony. What do you think of the father’s story?

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