"The Little Couple" Adopted Two Kids With Dwarfism Because Of Their Own Experience: "We've Dealt With Prejudice And Many Challenges"

Date May 24, 2018

Happiness is different for everyone, and the path to it can be pretty rough. Nevertheless, it is important to go on, strive for what makes you feel complete and alive. Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein from The Little Couple TV series are a great example of two people building their happiness against all odds.

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Jen and Bill's dwarfism

Arnold and Klein both have skeletal dysplasia (osteochondrodysplasia), a genetic disorder of the development of a person’s bone and cartilage. This disease is mostly known as dwarfism. The term skeletal dysplasia includes hundreds of conditions related to bone and cartilage growth. Arnold is 3'2" and Klein is 4' tall.

The couple had troubles with conceiving and went for adoption in 2013. Arnold and Klein wanted to adopt a child with special needs because of their own experiences with dwarfism.

They welcomed Will in March and Zoey in October. The two have dwarfism as well as their new parents. Surprisingly, between these two adoptions, Jen discovered she was pregnant. Unfortunately, after a visit to their doctor, the couple learned that the pregnancy was nonviable due to Jennifer’s condition.

Struggles with adoption and Jen's cancer

Will got along almost instantly, while Zoey wanted to do nothing with the parents. The transition didn’t go as smoothly as the couple’d hoped. Arnold recalls the girl really came around only after several months.

I remember playing Ring Around the Rosie at night and reading bedtime stories.

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Adding to troubles with the adoption, the little family faced some horrible news. Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare form of uterine cancer. Arnold credits her family for helping her fight the disease:

I think concentrating on the kids kept me very distracted.

Happy family

These days, the family members feel absolutely happy and healthy. The parents are excited, as their kids are growing and starting to truly blossom.

After everything we’ve been through, it’s a very exciting time. They’re getting to an interesting age and finding their real passions. They’re really into artwork right now, their verbal skills continue to surprise me, and they’re doing so well in school. It’s fun to watch them grow.

We are happy for the family and wish them more of those precious family moments! Most of the time, your happiness is in your hands, and if you want to be happy, even diseases like cancer cannot stop you. You have to believe in yourself. The Little Couple’s story is a touching proof.

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