Donald Trump's Fabulous Hairstyle: Why Does It Look So Weird?

Date June 6, 2018 17:38

When will we know for sure what is wrong with Donald Trump’s hair? Without any doubts, it looks fabulous and unique, but with all honesty, it also looks unnatural and kind of alienish, doesn’t it? The number of speculations around Donald’s hair can surely make both Melania and Ivanka jealous, as it steals attention even today.


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Is it a wig?

Let’s begin with the most noteworthy assumptions regarding Mr. Trump’s hair. While most people assumed it’s a bad-looking wig, he himself refuted the theory and showed the world his hair is absolutely real. He even let Jimmy Fallon mess it up a little bit:

Maybe a surgery?

As we can see from the video, it is clearly not a toupee either. So what are we left with? His hair is real, and it looks strange. Some experts believe that it might be a result of so-called flap surgery, a widely discredited and painful procedure. Michael D’Antonio says:

There was, for a brief period in the early ‘90s, there was a surgery that was done where they would cut away the hairless part on top of a man’s head and stitch it together. It would change the look of a balding man’s head, and I think he has that surgery, and I don’t think it worked well.

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Prostate-related drugs?

There are, however, many other opinions regarding the topic. Other experts do not agree with the surgery theory and explain Trump’s hairpiece differently. There’s a belief that his locks are a side-effect of a prostate-related drug, called Propecia. According to the New York Times journalist who spoke with Dr. Harold N. Bornstein, Donald’s doctor, the President takes Propecia, which can help prevent male pattern alopecia (hair loss). But it doesn’t explain the weird frontal hairstyle.

Drop of Light /

Natural reasons

One of the most probable explanations is a combination of an aerosol hairspray and an outdated style. Basically, there’s a high chance of Trump’s hair combs like that due to its length and forward-aiming growth pattern, which means his hair follicles are simply embedded in his scalp at an acute angle. To support the construction, Donald most probably uses a hairspray. Simple as that!


It seems like Donald Trump has found his style a long time ago and is not going to change it any time soon. Anyways, we cannot imagine him having any other cut.

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