"I Was Standing There Like An Idiot." Donald Trump Recalled Marla Maples And Ivana Trump's Confrontation

Date January 10, 2019

Donald Trump’s not so secret affair with Marla Maples and scandalous divorce fight with Ivana Trump stole all the headlines back in the late 80s and early 90s. But the story became popular once again, and not only because of Trump’s presidency, but also due to Ivana’s new book, in which she candidly opens up about her relationships with Donald, parenting style and, of course, business.


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Ivana and Marla's confrontation

First off, it is worth mentioning that Trump's then-wife, Ivana, and his mistress, Marla, met each other once. They were standing face to face, right next to Donald Trump, at a ski resort in Aspen.


If you are wondering how Donald felt at that moment, he has shared his feelings on ABC News' Primetime Live show, in 1994:

I was standing there like an idiot. And Marla and Ivana were here. And there wasn’t shouting, but you could obviously see there was some friction.


Interestingly enough, according to Donald Trump, a random, unattractive person, who weighed about 350 pounds, made everything a bit clearer for him. The stranger said he has been in Aspen for 20 years and has never had a date, so it could’ve been worse. Donald also said that have the two women not confronted each other, he and Ivana may have still been together.

Watch the whole interview here:

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Ivana's point of view

We know how Donald Trump views this story, but what about Ivana? According to her new book, Raising Trump, the first wife says she and Marla indeed met each other in Aspen. However, she says it was during lunch with Donald and their three children:

This young blond woman came up to me out of the blue and said, 'I'm Marla and I love your husband. Do you?'

At that point, Ivana knew her marriage was done. She filed for divorce in 1990. She wrote in her memoir:

As far as I was concerned, the marriage ended that day at Bonnie's.

Today, however, when asked if she misses the good old days with Donald Trump, Ivana says she doesn’t. Moreover, she states that nothing has changed, meaning that she has luxurious apartments, money, and lovers.

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