Come Inside Robin Williams' Mind: His Son Opens About About The Comedian's Biggest Burden In A New Documentary

Date July 18, 2018

Robin Williams was a legendary comedian and actor. His talent broke boundaries and stereotypes, and his charisma made everyone fall in love with the man. His energy was absolutely irrepressible, and it felt like it could light up the whole city or make him fly. However, Robin wasn’t always like that, as his son, Zac Williams, opens up about his dad in a new documentary called Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.

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Robin Williams' phenomenal character

It is believed that Robin’s mind worked two times fast compared to a regular person. Maybe that is why he was such a brilliant stand-up comedian. Williams would improvise and work of, basically, anything in front of the audience. However, every coin has the other side.

According to the director of the documentary, Marina Zenovich, Robin was full of doubts and insecurities. She also believes that the actor had that need to be loved by the audience, inside of him.


Alcohol abuse and suicide

Robin Williams took his life on August 11, 2014, at the age of 63. His path was hard due to constant substance abuse issues, like alcoholism. Robin also had a cocaine addiction, which lasted from the late 70s up until his friend John Belushi’s death of drug overdose, in 1982. Robin recalled this tragedy with an unusually sad and serious face:

Was it a wake-up call? Oh yeah, on a huge level.


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Zak Williams knows his dad's biggest burden

Robin Williams’ son Zak tells that his father's "pathos was seeking to entertain and please." Therefore, he felt he was not succeeding as a person when he wasn’t entertaining. Zak opens up about his pain due to the father’s mental state:

That was always hard to see. Because, in so many senses, he is the most successful person I know. And yet, he didn’t always feel that.

Watch the full teaser here:

Today, Zak kind of follows in his father’s footsteps. He also wants to make positive changes in the world, only using a different instrument. Zak brings financial literacy education to prisoners, society’s least privileged people. We believe that Robin would be proud of his son!

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