Rules Of Wearing A Signet Ring: Why Does Prince Charles Have A Golden One On His Pinkie Finger?

Date August 2, 2018

It feels like there is an infinite number of the British royal rules and traditions, and to be born as the member of the family is the only option in case you want to learn them all. Although many of the rules are arguably boring, this one is really peculiar. Have you noticed that the men in the royal family don’t wear their wedding rings?


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No wedding ring?

Prince Harry decided to make an exception to the old tradition and wears the wedding ring, unlike his brother, father, and grandfather. We bet that Meghan Markle is very pleased with this decision. Or maybe, the Duchess of Sussex encouraged him to break this tradition… Who knows?


Up until the mid-20th century, men didn’t wear wedding rings. However, the Second World War made lots of adjustments in every aspect of life. Many men started to wear rings to remind them of their wives and families to support them throughout their service. Prince Philip, however, chose to not to wear the ring after marrying the Queen on November 20, 1947. Maybe, it was too early for the tradition to break?


Prince William, on the other hand, says it is a matter of personal preference. He isn’t a man of jewelry, and that’s why he doesn’t wear any rings, unlike his father. Prince Charles has added a wedding band to his little finger after his marriage with Camilla Parker Bowles on April 29, 2005.


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What is the thing with signet rings?

According to experts, the ring Prince Charles is wearing is actually more than 175 years old and is an official signet of the Prince of Wales. The last person who wore the ring was King Edward VIII himself. Signet rings were used to authenticate important letters and documents back in the days. Nowadays, however, they are no more than a classy accessory and a tribute to the ancestors.


A signet ring is often considered as a “gentleman’s ring”, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that only a man can wear it. The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, followed her husband’s steps and added her own signet ring to the wedding one.


We believe that anyone can become a gentleman or a lady. Of course, there’s much more up to this than just a dress code, but you can certainly start with your outfit. There are craftsmen who can even create your own signet ring if you’d like!

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