"The Best Is Yet To Come." Ivana Trump's Advice For Anyone Going Through Divorce

Date July 13, 2018

Ivana Trump, 69, the self-proclaimed First Lady, dropped huge Pandora’s box on the shelves of bookstores, recently. Her newly baked book called “Raising Trump” is a pure eye-opener of the relationships in the Trump family. There, she opens up about basically everything: from who actually raised the oldest Trump children and how Ivana managed to survive one of the most high-profile divorces in history.

Although it may sound like a promo for the book, we are to share some of the tastiest pieces gathered from not only the book but also from Ivana’s several interviews.


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Friends after the scandalous divorce?

Today, Ivana praises Donald Trump, and somehow the two maintain a friendly relationship and often talk to each other. Could you imagine it would happen after the massacre they had created during the divorce process? Ivana says that Donald was brutal and took the process as a business. After all, it is negotiation talent that Donald was known for, so he just had to win.

However, after things had settled, the two could finally have a normal conversation. That was enough for Ivana and Donald to become friends again. They had managed to live together for more than 16 years, so there was definitely some good synergy between the two. Ivana even took a cameo role in First Wives Club, where she poked fun at her divorce with Trump. Do you remember that scene?

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Ivana's advice on how to face divorce

Ivana gave a perky, yet effective and simple advice on how to go through a divorce in an interview to Bill Boggs, where she said:

Don’t lie down and die. That’s number one. And I always say ‘the best is yet to come'.


While it may seem too cheesy from someone who is so rich, the advice is actually pretty decent. Many people are so narrow-minded or stuck in the present issues that they cannot imagine themselves even in a month. Basically, what Ivana says is you should have a strong will to fight for a brighter future and always look up for it!

How's Ivana doing today?

Ivana thinks Melania is perfect for her ex-husband. According to the interview given to the New York Post in 2016, Ivana says that Melania is going to adapt just fine:

She never did anything wrong to me. I wish them all the best.


And indeed, as we can see, Melania is doing great as the first lady. But as for Maples, Ivana says she will never forgive the woman because she broke her marriage. Ivana has been married two times more after Donald, and both of the marriages were unsuccessful. Today, the first Trump’s wife says she enjoys companions, and that’s it. The woman says she enjoys her life. Isn’t it the most important thing?

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