Another Kind Act: Gary Sinise Donated $52,000 To City Rescue Squad To Purchase Life-saving Equipment

Date July 19, 2019

If there is one man with a heart of gold, it has the veteran actor, Gary Sinise. Time after time, Gary has proved that he has a heart for the people.

In December 2018, the Gary Sinise Foundation, sent about 1,700 family members of fallen war heroes to enjoy the Christmas holiday at Disney World.

The vacation was a five-day all-expense paid trip that had all participants highly pampered.

Also, he gifted an ex-green Beret who lost both legs in Afghanistan a smart home to help him easily navigate his life.

Another kind act

On June 25, 2019, the Gary Sinise Foundation helped make the world a better place with another charitable act. The foundation donated $52,000 to the Henderson City/County Volunteer Rescue Squad.

The large donation was to help the team purchase new pieces of equipment that would help make the process of saving people's lives better.

While speaking to 14 News, the Assistant Chief of Henderson Rescue Squad, Brian Coghill explained that rescue operations were slowed down because of bad types of equipment, but all that is bygone.

"The time it takes to normally get the pump off the truck, the hoses hooked up could be three to five minutes. Now it's gonna be you step off the truck, you grab that tool, you can go to the car start doing what you need to do while that other set is being hooked up."

The Gary Sinise Foundation

This foundation was founded by Gary in 2011 with a mission to serve the nation by honoring her defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need.

It all began for Gary after the tragic 9/11 incidence when he got the urging to help the men and women who were deployed in response to the attack.

The organization has gone on to better several lives. A big thumbs up to Gary for giving himself to better the world. We need more people like Gary!