Living La-Vegan Loca: Heather Mills Lost Her Mother, A Leg, And Two Husbands. But She's Still A Champ

Date October 3, 2018 15:02

Heather Mills has come a long way from her humble beginnings near Newcastle. She was only nine years old when her mother abandoned her family. Later on, her father went to prison. Life was hard back then, and the food was a luxury she could hardly afford.

Fate smiled on her when she began her career in modeling, but an ugly twist cut short her joy. On August 8, 1993, Mills got in an accident involving a police motorcycle. Doctors amputated her right leg at the knee to save her life, and she spent months in the hospital.

Going vegan saved her leg

Mills told Mirror that eventually, a friend of hers told her to go vegan if she wanted to leave the hospital and get her life back. At first, Mills thought it was impossible to go vegan and was against the idea.

I’m a Northerner. I was like ‘What are you talking about? Where are you going to get your protein from?’

Nevertheless, she tried living vegan for just over a week and the effect was astonishing. Mills said her wound healed and she was able to keep her knee. Since then, she has been on the vegan train and never got off.

The health benefit is quick. You start to feel the difference in not being so bloated. If everyone thought one bowel movement a day was good, it’s not. You should have one after every meal. All that food sitting there is fermenting and poisoning our system.

Mills launched her own company called VBites with 104 products that sell in 25 countries. Going vegan literally saved her life and she is quite proud to be one of 3.5 million vegans in the UK.

What is worse than losing a leg?

While her recovery may have been dramatic, Mills says breaking up with ex-husband and former Beatle, Sir Paul McCarthy, was a far worse experience for her. She even compared her experience to Yoko Ono’s.

Linda had it tough, Yoko had it tough and what happened to me after the divorce… losing my leg was easier to cope with.

When her rocky relationship with McCartney ended, the press and The Beatles' fans vilified Mills. Even McCarthy’s children were open about their dislike. Mills was an active contributor to charity organizations like PETA and Adopt a Minefield, but due to the negative publicity she received, she was asked to withdraw her support.

Life before and after marriage

Mills and McCartney met in 1999, at the Pride of Britain Awards. By January 2000, the couple celebrated Mills' 32nd birthday together, and it looked like they were getting along. McCartney was still fresh from losing his wife, Linda McCartney, to breast cancer in 1998.

She was previously married to Alfie Karmal, but the relationship lasted only two years. Karmal’s main issue with Mills was that she was a compulsive liar. He even had her see a psychiatrist before their wedding. Mills blames her condition on her father who, she says, asked her to lie often as a child.

Mills asked the court to grant her €4.2m in yearly settlements, totaling about €100m. She reportedly got €31m and several properties in the UK and New York buts spent most of the money in 12 months on charity. Now she lives a simple life, away from the cameras albeit far from anonymous and she is loving her vegan lifestyle.