Adele Never Strived For Fame And Was Ready To Give Away Her Music Career For Her True Love But Life Had Wonderful Surprises For Her In Store

Date October 4, 2018 18:58

This worldwide sensation has music to touch souls and has broken records left, right, and center. Adele has downplayed being a celebrity. By always being humble about her success. But there is more to know about this brilliant performer.

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She never wanted fame

Adele Adkins has always clung to the melancholy in music to express her past experiences. So naturally, she only meant her songs to become a voice for her, not just a doorway to endless achievements.


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She revealed that she would have given up everything for love, in an interview with OUT Magazine,

My Ex was the love of my life and I was willing to give up everything for him. Well, I would still be singing in the shower, of course, but yeah -- my career, my friends, my hobbies. I would have given up all trying to be the best only for him.


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The song Rolling In The Deep was written by her, the next day to her break up. She wanted to vent out all her emotions in it; anger, pain, regret, and of course the feeling of her heart crumbling. She was now determined to cement her career instead of giving it up. Adele had set her motto:

My music will not by stylized by any stunts or gimmicks—not sold by image, or by my sexuality, or aloofness, or anything like that.


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So it happened! Her album's first single was a hit in the United States on all charts. The song was played by mainstream radio and obviously, loved by millions of fans.

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Highlighting personal struggles

Recently, Adele shared the truth about postpartum psychosis to help new mothers. How it leaves the mother isolated and depressed. Perinatal health experts have praised the singer for raising the issue to the public.


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She opened up about her fight with postnatal depression after the birth of her son, Angelo. The illness can include hallucinations, low moods, loss of appetite, insomnia, feeling fearful, being confused, and behaving in a way that is out of character.


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Adele spoke to The Guardian:

Even though this disease is treatable, but when my doctor told me I would 100% recover, I remember thinking, maybe others do, but not me, I'm going to be forever like this.


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Good news! Our cheerful Adele has recovered with some medication, with help of a psychiatrist and her family. She is feeling happy, confident and strong as ever before!

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Her plan to always stay single was failed

Adele had decided to stay single as she feared getting distracted by someone coming in her life. But she and Simon hit it off without any interference to her music. Simon Konecki is CEO of a charity firm. He was born in America but his family moved to London when he was 10 years old.

They met when she was healing from a throat surgery in 2011. Later that year they set up the charity Drop4Drop, which campaigns to supply clean water in poor countries. It brought them together. Fast forward, two years later, the couple had their first child, Angelo.


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We wish her to have all the love, health, and more success. Please don't forget to comment and share!

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