Guess Who’s Back From Vacation! Gwyneth Paltrow Returns All Disheveled And Without Makeup

Date January 24, 2019

If you know Gwyneth Paltrow, then you probably know that she was on a family vacation in Mexico with her new hubby, Brad Falchuk.

Well, while on their cozy vacation, the Oscar award winner kept her fans apprised on what they were doing, and it was easy to see that they were indeed, having fun.


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The two lovebirds, who were married last year made the headlines again when they came back from their long vacation. As they arrived at the Van Nuys Airport via a private jet, Gwyneth looked a tad bit tired, and people were quick to notice her bold choice to go makeup-free.


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In a picture taken by paparazziThe Clean Plate author donned a simple black and white shirt with white trousers that were complemented by her very chic luggage bag. It was emblazoned with her name, ‘GWYNETH', on the side.

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But the star author is no stranger to a no-makeup routine, since even when she took a sweet selfie with her friend and the Avengers 4 co-star, Robert Downey Jr., she still rocked the down-to-earth look and glowed fabulously in it.

Truly, she is the queen of bold looks and the fact that she never passes on the chance to prove that women can still look amazing even without any beauty products is inspirational.

As a beauty icon, her secrets have become gems for women who want to emulate her simple but ageless look. Some of the major tips she applies to keep her skin glowing include drinking water with Himalayan Sea salt, having a facial done every day and regular exercise.


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Well, when you look at her, it is clear that these tips are valid as she has clearly cracked the code to looking young forever.  

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