Fans And Body Language Experts Foresee A Royal Wedding Between Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew

Date June 26, 2018

Relations between Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have been quite pleasant, so much so the couple still lives together. Fans of the royal family have watched keenly from the very beginning, and now, all signs are pointing to one thing. Their romance may be far from over.

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Sarah posted a picture of her having an amusing conversation with Prince Andrew and Princess Eugenie on Twitter with the tag “Great day with my family”, and now, the internet is in a flurry. Observers noticed that Sarah Ferguson seemed particularly affectionate at the Royal Ascot, even fixing Prince Andrew’s lapel while chatting with him.

Although separated, the couple still carries on in public as if everything is well. Long gone is the awkwardness that followed their 1992 divorce. Now, the chemistry is as obvious as their smiles. Body language and communication expert Robin Kermode while examining the Twitter post told Fenmail that it shows 'a couple deeply at ease with other and in sync.'

Now, more than ever before, fans of the couple are eager to see them walk down the aisle for a second time. It is 20 years since their split, and many people believe that their wedding may just be another glimmer of hope for the changing face of the royal family.

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While Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s divorce did not rock Britain as much as Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ one, the relationship seemed to continue after the split that makes them stand out.

Princess Diana introduced the couple, and they struck a chord, a situation that the royal family openly embraced at the time. But their marriage only lasted six years. Before then, they had two children, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. Together, they raised their daughters and eventually mended the broken fences of their relationship.

With the dust now settled, it is still uncertain if the Queen will support another wedding between Prince and Sarah Ferguson. Still, their fans are set on seeing it happen sooner than later.

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