John Legend And Kanye West Are Having A Brawl Over Personal Views On Trump

Date April 27, 2018 16:17

Days after sharing tweets praising President Trump, Kanye West seems unlikely to change his position. Fans of the rapper have been particularly upset that West took a jab at former President Obama.

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West also defended his position, suggesting that he was entitled to his opinion. Most of all, he said he admired President Trump’s energy despite the negative press and suggested antagonism he has been facing.

West’s tweet got the attention of President Trump who hardly ignores messages that seem to support him and his presidency. Trump tweeted back on Wednesday, saying "Thank you Kanye, very cool!"

Just last week, West told Hot 97’s host Ebro Darden "I love Donald Trump", and fans consider this a slippery slope. In December 2016, West met with Trump at Trump Tower.

John Legend asked Kanye to rethink his position on Trump

In the midst of the Twitter drama, it looks like John Legend reached out to his friend and long-time collaborator via text. He was clearly worried about the backlash West would receive, especially from fans.

Legend tried to talk his friend out of showing support for President Trump and was pretty civil about it. However, West did not sound moved by Legend’s words. In response, he firmly declined to change his stance.

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Legend had earlier shared a series of tweets where he further explained his concerns about West supporting President Trump and, suggestively, his policies. For him, the outcome, especially in regards to his fanbase, was far more reaching that West seemed to realize.

Kim still supports her man

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to lend support to West after the bashing he received. In one tweet, she called out the press for consistently suggesting West was mentally unstable each time he shares his personal thoughts on social media.

In another tweet, she made it clear that West was still entitled to his opinion, even if Americans and fans did not like it much.

Earlier, Kanye shared an update to his pro-Trump tweet, trying to clear the air. Apparently, Kim was concerned about the negative feedback and wanted him to reiterate his position on President Trump.

If West’s tweets are anything to go by, it is understandable why Kim would be upset. She did make a very valid point. Despite President Trump’s unpopularity, he still is working in the best interests of the American people. Some of his decisions may be flawed, but some have been widely applauded as being positive for the people.

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