Oops! Beyoncé Took A Hilarious Spill At Coachella With Her Baby Sister

Date May 7, 2018

April 22 at Coachella was perhaps the most memorable day at the famous music festival. For the first time ever, an African American woman got to headline the show. And what better artist is there than the queen herself, Beyoncé?


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For starters, her set was packed full of surprises. Beyoncé’s set included appearances by her former group, Destiny's Child, and husband Jay-Z. To crown it all up, she even had a marching band on hand to thrill the audience.


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Her performance was spectacular and was even called "an unprecedented celebration of black cultural influence in America" by NBC. And the numbers are showing how awesome her set was. Beyoncé’s performance got 43 million views on Coachella's YouTube live stream.


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Beyoncé’s outing has also been great for record sales and merchandising. Nielson observed that sales for all her singles rose by an astonishing 228%. Even Destiny’s Child is having a field day with sales of their songs rising by 767%.

The icing on the cake is the millions of dollars Beyoncé will rake in from Coachella - just another payday for the queen.

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Falling stars

Just when everything seemed to be going great, the unthinkable happened. In the middle of a dance set, Beyoncé tried to pick up her baby sister. And both divas went crashing to the ground.

Clearly, the move was not part of the script, but trust Beyoncé to always turn an awkward moment around. Both sisters immediately did a leg-kick move while still on the floor then quickly got up, laughing.

Fans are going wild

Videos of the fall have already gone viral, and most fans find the snafu pretty hilarious.

Sorry, Beyoncé. You’re likely to have a couple of new memes in honor of your Coachella spill making the rounds soon. But it is just another way for the army to show how much they care.

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