Khloe Kardashian Finally Reveals How She And Tristan Thompson Got Over His Cheating

Date June 26, 2018

Khloe Kardashian revealed the tough rebuilding path of their relationship with Tristan. After the Cleveland Cavaliers player cheated on the woman a few days before she became a mother, the mass media couldn’t stop discussing the tensed relationship between the two.


Just a few days before becoming a father to his daughter True, Tristan Thompson was spotted cheating with two unidentified women.

Khloe was in total disbelief when she found out about the absurd situation. She asked her friends to prepare her stuff to move back to LA from Cleveland, and Tristan decided not to make her think differently. However, the drama seemed to be slowing down on May 4, when the couple was spotted in Cleveland, having lunch together in a good mood.

Family reunion

The Kardashians’ fans were a bit disappointed with the couple’s reunion. Numerous Twitter messages were sent to Khloe with sheer regret about her decision.

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However, the 33-year-old reality show star has recently given the best answer to such people, underlining the challenging rebuilding on the way of the flawless relationship again.

Her most recent dinner with Tristan was described as “tough,” but Khloe was there for her fans to confess she had a brilliant night regardless of the rumors.

Other excuses

Khloe is not the first celebrity to forget about the boyfriend’s cheating. Beyoncé forgave Jay-Z who mentioned about his betray even in the song.


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Victoria Beckham forgot about David’s Rebecca Loos but admitted that it was quite difficult.

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Yes, we will agree with Victoria that marriage is a tough experience. However, if love is strong and the relationship is devoted, then the couple is just meant to live in peace, even regardless of the unpleasant moments.

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