Billy Bob Thornton And Angelina Jolie: Here's Why Their 'Blood Necklace' And Passionate PDAs Could Not Save Their Ill-Fated Marriage

Date June 15, 2018 10:32

Remember the disaster of Angelina Jolie's first marriage to Billy Bob Thornton? The actor has just opened up about their interesting relationship in a new interview.


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Their intense marriage

The pair met while they were in committed relationships, and within two months of dating, they were married.


To everyone watching, their marriage seemed intensely passionate. They even began to wear each other’s bloods in vials attached to neck chains. Urrgh!

Billy Bob Thornton had personal problems

Yet, Billy Bob has never felt good enough around Jolie. According to his GQ interview, they were on different pages throughout their 2-year marriage.


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Although, Billy Bob was supposedly 'coming clean', his issues with their union seemed more like personal problems.

He admitted that he had a problem hanging around the rich people in his ex-wife's circle. 

Does Angelina Jolie hate marriage?

He has since remarried, and Jolie herself has married and divorced Brad Pitt whom she met in 2005 and married in 2014. Fun fact about Jolie's two marriages: They both lasted exactly 2 years.


Our guess is Jolie is probably not cut out for marriage. Yet, we have to agree that she is great, if a little intense with relationships. Do you agree?

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