Kate Middleton Is Very Upset With Prince William For Going To The Middle East Without Her

Date June 25, 2018 14:46

Kate Middleton is very upset with her husband, and she has good reason to be.

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Prince William's Middle East tour

Prince William is currently touring the Middle East in an official capacity. The 5-day trip began on June 24, a day ago. This means that the dad of three will be away from home for quite a while.

But, this isn't why Middleton is upset. It is more because of a childhood connection she has to the Middle East.

Childhood home

The Duchess of Cambridge lived very briefly in Jordan when she was 2 because her father's job as a British Airways manager required the family to live in Amman, the country's capital.

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Well, William's tour required him to stop by Jordan and, by some stroke of luck, visit Middleton's childhood home.

His wife is pissed off quite

Evidently pleased by this treat, he said, "She loved it here, she really did". But he was also conflicted as he revealed, "She is very upset that I am coming here without her."

The mom of three may be upset about missing out on this trip, as she is currently nursing her third, Prince Louis, but we are sure she'll be thrilled to know the home is now a pediatrics hospital. Yes, no?

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