Did Beyonce And Jay-Z Just Share Pictures Of Their Twin Babies While On Tour?

Date June 7, 2018

It's been almost a year since Beyonce revealed a picture of her then one-month-old twins, Sir and Rumi. Since then, fans have eagerly been waiting to see another pic of the new additions to the Carter family.

When a recent photo went viral on social media, many thought this could be it.

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The picture that had people talking

As Beyonce and Jay-Z kicked off their 'On The Run II' tour in Cardiff, Wales, a picture of them each holding what appeared to be the twins was released. 


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The reaction was almost instantaneous. Many were thrilled to finally get a glimpse of the little boy and girl. It seemed Queen Bey had finally given the people what they want, and the photo quickly went viral.

But are those really Beyonce's babies?

A rep from the Carters reportedly clarified to Buzzfeed that those were not, in fact, their twins.

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So, sadly, we may have to wait a little bit more before getting another look at Bey's twins.


When the Carter rep was asked about the identities of the babies in the photos, they did not respond. Mysterious...

A private family

Beyonce and Jay-Z have always been very deliberate about what they reveal to the public, especially when it comes to their children. They hardly ever share super personal photos, and it's no surprise that they are holding off on showing their twins to the world.

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Ah well, guess we have to wait a little while longer. Meanwhile, perhaps, you may want to hazard a guess at who are those mysterious babies. 

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