'It Changes You!' Tristan Thompson Opens Up About His Newborn Daughter True

Date May 10, 2018 14:44

Tristan Thompson has been in the news lately for a whole lot of reasons. He was spotted being unfaithful to girlfriend Khloe Kardashian days before she had their baby. Now, he's speaking up for the first time about his daughter.


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Cheating scandal

A few weeks ago, photos and videos surfaced of Tristan looking pretty cozy with an unidentified woman at a lounge in New York. In addition to this, TMZ also posted another footage, this one taken in October of last year, Tristan kissed one woman and was groped by another.


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Since these pictures made their way onto the internet, several people have felt heartbroken for Khloe. Describing Tristan as a 'serial cheater', they shared their support for the reality star. What could have been a joyful occasion of childbirth was marred by allegations and scandalous reports.


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He talks about his baby daughter

Tristan and Khloe have maintained silence for the most part since their baby was born. However, the 27-year-old NBA player recently opened up about his little girl one month after her birth. He was a guest on the 'Road Tripping' podcast and got talking with hosts Richard Jefferson and Allie Clifton.

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According to Tristan, True is "doing good." The couple is yet to share a photo of their baby, but Tristan gave us a few hints about her looks. 

She has a full head of hair. She has green eyes.


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True is the first daughter of the Cleveland Cavaliers player who already has a 17-month-old son from a previous relationship. Tristan shared some few differences between raising a son and a daughter. He said during the podcast:

I think with a girl, you’re just so much more emotionally like… with a boy, it’s just like, ‘Hey man, you’ll be all right man. Stop crying,' But [with True], it’s like, ‘True, it’s gonna be okay. You know, we’re right here. Daddy’s here to feed you. It’s me! Look, yeah!’ It’s way different, but it’s fun, though. It changes you.


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He also shared that he'll very likely have more kids in future.

And how's the first time mom doing?


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33-year-old Khloe recently shared via Twitter that she cannot believe her baby is a month old already. The new mama said this "makes me so happy and sad all at the same time."

Thank you, Jesus, for my sweet peanut.


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While Tristan and Khloe are yet to address the cheating rumors, it's pretty clear they are enjoying parenthood and quality time with their baby daughter.

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