"It's Unnatural": 54-Year-Old Brigitte Nielsen Is Under Attack After Announcing Pregnancy

Date June 1, 2018

Not everyone is happy about Brigitte Nielsen since she announced her pregnancy.

"Family getting larger"

The 54-year-old actress and model recently shared her happy news - she's pregnant for the fifth time. Brigitte posted photos on her Instagram page where she proudly rocked her baby bump.

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"Family getting larger," she said in the caption of one of the pictures. 

Brigitte is already a mother of four adult sons. 

"It's unnatural"

Since announcing her pregnancy, many of her fans have taken to her social media pages to share their opinions about the Danish actress' decision to have a late-in-life baby.

One Facebook user, Katie Laino, was not really thrilled about the news. In her comment, she said:

Lots of people give birth to healthy babies in their late thirties or early to mid-forties. But at 54 years old? Since no one else chooses to say it, I will. Just because in some cases, it can happen, does not mean it should. It is unnatural.

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Others shared more negative comments, including the fact that it was selfish of her to want another baby after having four adult kids already. See some of the comments below.

Many people took her side

Brigitte's news did not only receive bad reactions. Many have congratulated her and even defended her from those who judged her choices.

Angelika Atasoy urged her not to pay heed to the mean comments:

Don't listen to what people say. You look absolutely beautiful. (Your baby) is a blessing from God. 

No matter the choices you make, there will be thousands of people judging you for it. But since Brigitte seems very happy with her pregnancy, who are we to make her feel otherwise?

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