There Was An Empty Seat Right Beside Prince William At The Royal Wedding. Was It A Tribute To Princess Diana?

Date May 21, 2018

The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has created quite a bit of buzz. Fans are noticing all the little aspects that make up the big day, including the mystery with an empty seat.

Speculations about the empty seat

Soon after the wedding began, people began asking questions about the empty seat in the section where the royal family sat. 


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Many believed it was purposely left as a way to honor the late Princess Diana, Harry's mother. The idea was incredibly sweet and made fans very emotional.

It was not actually about Lady Di

The significance of the empty seat had nothing to do with the late royal. Rather, the open spot was simply an issue of protocol.

Royal reporter, Rebecca English, explained that the seat in front of Queen Elizabeth II is always left empty.

She later went on to clarify her explanation saying "(The Queen) needs to be seen — and the seat she was sitting in today is her favorite seat in that chapel, apparently!"

The royal wedding did honor Princess Diana

Prince Harry and other members of the royal family found a way to honor the groom's mother.

Diana's sister, Lady Jane Fellowes, attended the wedding and gave one of the readings. 

In addition, there was a hymn sung at the ceremony, which was also sung at Diana's funeral. Plus, the bride's bouquet contained flowers that were specially handpicked by the groom from his mother's garden.

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So, the seat was definitely not about Diana. But some key aspects of the big day did hold some special significance to the late princess.

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