Where Were They? Why The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Missed Harry And Meghan's First Event As A Married Couple


May 24, 2018 11:59 By Fabiosa

Now, the fans were looking forward to seeing the royal foursome (William and Kate, Harry and Meghan) at their first post-wedding function. But they were disappointed. 

Harry and Meghan attend an event as the duke and duchess

For their first royal occasion as the duke and duchess, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended a party held at the Buckingham Palace. It was organized in honor of Prince Charles' charity work over the years. 


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The Duchess of Sussex stunned in a nude dress and a matching hat. Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, was also in attendance.

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Where was Prince William?

At about the same time the Duke of Sussex was giving a speech to honor his father, Prince William was also speaking on a tribute to the Manchester Arena bombing victims.

It's been a year since that sad incident when a bomb went off during Ariana Grande's concert, which led to the death of 22 people, while hundreds were injured.

In his speech, the Duke of Cambridge honored the victims. He also placed a message on the 'Tree of Hope' where people can leave remembrance notes.


And where was the Duchess of Cambridge?

Technically, Kate Middleton is still on maternity leave, so she did not attend either function. Her third child, Prince Louis, was born on April 23, so for now, she's taking a break.

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According to Duncan Larcombe, a royal biographer, the Duchess of Cambridge is entitled to six months of maternity leave where she does not have to attend any official engagement. She went to the wedding because it was a 'family affair'.


Royal historian, Marlene Koenig, also suggested that the decision of Harry and Meghan's first post-wedding appearance to be performed by themselves could have been an intentional one.

She opined that this was done so that Meghan could get more comfortable with her first event as the duchess while also fully embracing the experience.

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