Why Meghan Markle Had To Stand Behind Kate Middleton At The Buckingham Palace Balcony

Date June 13, 2018

The annual Trooping The Colour event was held on Saturday, June 9th, and the royal family gathered at the Buckingham Palace balcony to celebrate.


Meghan Markle's debut

This is the Duchess of Sussex's first ever appearance at this event. She stood right beside her husband, Prince Harry, and the rest of the family to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's birthday.

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For the event, Meghan chose an off-the-shoulder pink outfit that drew quite a bit of attention for 'showing too much'. Regardless, she was simply stunning.


Where she stood

Watching everyone gather on the balcony, it might have seemed like their standing positions were random, but that's far from the case. 


Meghan Markle, for instance, was not front and center. She stood behind the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And this was not an accident.


Joe Little, the managing editor of Majesty magazine, told PEOPLE there is a royal 'pecking order' that determines situations like this. Simply put, Prince Harry and Meghan have to let Kate and Prince William take the lead, as the Duke of Cambridge is the older brother.

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Even though Meghan's position may seem like it was not prominent enough, keep in mind that during Kate's Trooping The Colour debut, she stood in front but to the far left of the balcony. Compared to that, Meghan had a prime spot.

And no, Meghan isn't a lesser Duchess

According to the UK Express, Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth have a special event planned. In fact, the duchess will spend the night on Wednesday with Her Majesty in preparation for their Thursday trip on the Royal Train to Cheshire.


This is truly an honor and a way to really welcome Meghan into the family.

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