Falling For His Friend's Wife! The Scandalous Way Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman's Love Story Began

Date November 2, 2018

There's no one way to fall in love. While some get to have the perfect romance from start to finish, others may not be so lucky. And for TV personality Simon Cowell and partner, Lauren Silverman, the beginning of their relationship was downright scandalous.


Falling in love

The first time Simon and Lauren met was in 2004. She was on vacation with her then-husband, Andrew Silverman. Andrew and Simon reportedly hit it off but evidently, the television mogul also developed an attraction for Andrew's wife.


Five years later, even though she was married, Simon and Lauren began to see each other. Their secret affair continued until Lauren got pregnant in 2013. The couple then had to publicly admit to being in a relationship.

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Andrew later filed for divorce and cited adultery as the reason. In November of that year, the divorce was finalized. One of the stipulations of the settlement was that Simon was to stay away from the couple's son, Adam.

Simon and Lauren welcomed their son, Eric, in February 2014. 


Simon is "not proud" of the affair

In an interview with UK Mirror, Simon said even though he did not regret being with Lauren while she was married, it was not something he was particularly proud of. 

It just happened. You have to deal with it and man up to it. You have to accept the responsibility and the criticism.


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In love with fatherhood

During that interview, Simon also said he absolutely enjoyed being a father.

The former American Idol judge also told DailyMail that fatherhood had changed him. 

It gives you such a different perspective on life. Things that I thought were important, just aren’t. Because I see a lot of things through his eyes now, I find everything to be a happier place.

It sure seems like the 58-year-old is enjoying being a family man. So far, Simon has not confirmed whether or not he will propose to Lauren or if marriage is in their future. Guess all we can do is wait.

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Scandal Simon Cowell Love Story