Meghan Markle Net Worth Then And Now! Has Being A Part Of The Royal Family Made Her Richer?

Date June 7, 2018 17:33

Meghan Markle has come a long way from her days on Deal Or No Deal. She rose to major fame status - and wealth - when she became a series regular on Suits. But one has to wonder, now that she's a duchess, does she make more money than she did before?


Her net worth before marriage

Meghan starred in Suits as the beautiful Rachel Zane, the love interest of Mike Ross who was played by Patrick J. Adams.

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In addition to that, she also ran a pretty successful lifestyle blog, The Tig. Here, she wrote about food, fashion, and other health-related content. All this definitely made her a sizeable pile of money.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Meghan had a net worth of about $5 million before she married her prince. 


In addition to Suits, she also appeared in a few films, like Horrible Bosses and Dysfunctional Friends.

Her worth compared to that of her family?​

​​​​​​To better understand how being a royal can change your earnings, let's consider how much Meghan's sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, is worth as a Duchess.


Kate has amassed a decent personal fortune as well. She is currently worth about $9.8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Keep in mind that some of these earnings are from her family's hugely successful Party Pieces business.

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Meghan's brother-in-law, Prince William, boasts of a pretty impressive $39.8 million, which is understandable, since he has literally been earning royal money since he was born.


So how much is Meghan worth?

Well, we probably will not have her actual number for a while. But it's safe to say she will be worth significantly more than she did before. 


Considering the level of wealth of the family she has now married into, we bet her earnings will more than double what she had before she became a duchess.

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