Royal BFFs! Queen Elizabeth And Meghan Markle Have Another Special Trip Coming Up

Date June 22, 2018

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle have struck up a special friendship. And we will most likely be seeing more of them together as time goes on.


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Their visit to Cheshire

Last week, the monarch and the Duchess of Sussex took a trip to Cheshire via the royal train.


From the pictures of this outing, it sure looked like both ladies got along great. 



Then, during the Royal Ascot, the Queen seemed genuinely pleased to see Meghan again.

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And we can just see this blossoming into a beautiful friendship.

Their next trip together

Meghan Markle will be stepping out with her grandmother-in-law once again for the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, which will take place in Buckingham Palace on June 26. This time around, though, Prince Harry will join them.

This trip was announced on The Royal Family social media page on Thursday. 

The British royal family continues to come up with ways to reach the youths. This program is aimed at doing just that. It's understandable that Her Majesty would want the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for this special award event, considering how much of a hit the newlyweds are when it comes to the young people of the Commonwealth.

During the event, Meghan will assist the Queen with the presentation of awards to the lucky winners. We imagine that the award recipients, which consists of a network of 240 winners from 53 Commonwealth countries, would be honored by these very special guests. 

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