"Stop Playing The Victim!" Fans Attack Amy Roloff After She Shared A "Purge" Post On Instagram

Date May 31, 2018

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff probably never expected that one Instagram post could lead to so much drama.

The post that started it all

A few days ago, the Roloff matriarch posted an Instagram photo of her pantry. In the caption, she mentioned that she was purging the area of the things she did not need anymore.

"Isn't that kind of like life," she said, then went on to talk about how people often hold on to stuff that is better disposed.

The comment section soon shifted from people asking if she was moving out of her home and in with boyfriend, Chris, to why she was so cruel to her ex-husband Matt's new girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

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One fan with the username Mary_della_hyde said, "your selfishness comes out more and more every week," while another, Luney 63, agreed, writing:

Amy has always been rude and just plain mean and nasty to Matt. Grow up and move on from your jealousy towards Caryn. 


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IG user magical_kiwi_delight really went in by pointing out an instance of Amy's jealousy and why it was very unbecoming:

Your bitterness and anger is ruining (LPBW). You sound so cruel whenever you try and paint Matt in a bad light. I can't believe you were jealous of Caryn holding Jackson - most grandmas would be happy their grandchildren have so much love around them. Stop playing the victim all the time and get therapy.


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It was pretty surprising to see how an innocent post about cleaning led to an onslaught of attack on the reality star.

"It's not healthy for me," Amy admits

Apparently, Amy Roloff is very much aware of the tension between herself and Caryn. On an episode of the show, she shared that even though Caryn had been managing the pumpkin season for a long time, she (Amy) believed the relationship between her (Caryn) and Matt made things unhealthy.

Caryn has been a part of pumpkin season and has been managing it for a long time and does a great job. But knowing the relationship between Matt and Caryn, and to know that they are dating… to work beside Caryn is not healthy for me.


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She accepted that she might have to get over her discomfort for the sake of the business, but that was not so easy to do.

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Regardless, Amy is very happy with boyfriend Chris

What most people did not understand was why Amy felt so jealous even though she is seemingly happy with her new man.


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She has posted many pictures of them having fun together and has expressed her love for him on a few occasions as well.


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In her defense, it's probably not easy being around your ex-husband and his new girlfriend all the time, no matter how happy you are in a new relationship. Perhaps, her fans should cut her some slack - having to maintain a working relationship with your ex's new love has got to be challenging.

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