"She's Only 16": Gordon Ramsay Opens Up About Why He Refuses To Buy An iPad For His Daughter

Date October 3, 2018 15:02

Gordon Ramsay believes his 16-year-old daughter has better things to do than to play around with an iPad. 

She's only 16

The father of four is incredibly proud of his youngest daughter, Tilly who, like her father, is also interested in cooking. Ramsay revealed that Tilly has been cooking since age 6 and has become fantastic at it. 


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Speaking to Hello, Ramsay said:

She's only 16, she started cooking when she was six so whilst all their mates were getting iPads and iPhones I bought them onions and so they understand not to waste food. She will be picking my eyes out one day I am sure.


Ramsay added that Tilly has gotten so good that she sometimes even gives him kitchen advice. 

I tell her Tilly, I am your father, not your sponsor. And she says right dad, what about this caramelized onion, that's a little bit dark for me, I say it looks burnt.


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The father and daughter recently teamed up for This Morning's Big Chef Little Chef, and Ramsay revealed that it was an amazing experience.

He said he enjoyed working with his daughter and he hoped the show would help more children by giving them more confidence in the kitchen. 

On his inspiration

While speaking at the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2019 on Monday, Ramsay revealed that being a 'control freak' has helped him maintain his standing as a famous chef.


He also added that it had been a tragic year due to the deaths of chefs Paul Bocuse and Joel Robuchon. As a result, he felt even more determined to pass on his skills to the younger generation, and he's only too happy to teach others.

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Like father like daughter

Tilly is also quite proud of her father's accomplishment and she's thrilled with the bond they share, especially in terms of cooking. 

While speaking on ITV's This Morning last year, she admitted that while she learned a lot of her cooking skills from her dad, she also got some lessons from her mother as well. 

She said she enjoyed cooking and even made some chili on the show. 

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