"I Don't Want To Die": 'America's Next Top Model' Alum Shares Heartbreaking News About Battling Incurable Cancer


October 11, 2018 14:10 By Fabiosa

Jael Strauss needs a miracle since she discovered that she has incurable cancer. 

"I don't want to die"

Former America's Next Top Model contestant revealed on Facebook that on October 2, she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, which has spread throughout her body. 


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Strauss was told that her condition is incurable, but with treatment, she may get to live longer than a few months, which is what doctors predict she's got left.

I don't want to die. I need another one of those miracles that I got back in 2013.

Strauss was one of the contestants on ANTM in season 8 and in 2012, she has also appeared on Dr. Phil to open up about her struggles with addiction. 

Miracles are real

While making the announcement about her cancer, she wished for a miracle she got in 2013. The model could possibly be referring to the help she got five years ago while dealing with her addiction problems. 


Today I have 5 years sober. Good God! I know a few things to be true: Miracles are real, Recovery is possible for everyone no matter how far gone you think you are, We are never too broken to be put back together, Service work feels better than the greatest high, Sobriety makes you weirder not normal😊 and I’d be dead if it weren’t for all the love and forgiveness I’ve been showered with by my friends and family. Thank you to anyone that’s ever let me sponsor them. Thank you to my partner Cody Bear for showing me what real love is like. Thank you to all my beautiful family (blood and extended). Because of this gift I have no friends, only family. Love you all! Keep up the good fight😘 #Recovery #sobriety #12steps #drphil #antm

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In August, she shared a post on Instagram where she celebrated five years of sobriety. She began by saying that "miracles are real" and went on to encourage others going through similar pain and struggle.

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Strauss revealed that she would have died if it were not for the love and forgiveness of her family and friends. She told her fans that no one is "too broken to be put back together."


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Love and prayers

Following her cancer revelation, Strauss' fans have taken to Facebook to express their love for the star and tried to give her words of encouragement. 

Some were optimistic about her getting the miracle she deserves and prayed that she would find the strength to get through this difficult time.

It can't be easy for anyone to be faced with news like this. We hope she gets through it and beats the condition. 

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