Photos Show Meghan Markle's Sister, Samantha, Being Turned Down By Security Guards During Her Attempt To See The Duchess

Date October 8, 2018

Looks like the Markle family feud is still ongoing as Meghan's sister continues to make headlines.

An unwelcomed guest

Meghan Markle's sister decided to pay an unexpected visit to Kensington Palace Gardens, reportedly in hopes of seeing the Duchess. But things did not go quite as planned.

Photos Show Meghan Markle's Sister, Samantha, Being Turned Down By Security Guards During Her Attempt To See The DuchessJeremy Vine on 5 - Official Channel / YouTube

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In the photos exclusively obtained by the UK Mirror, Samantha can be seen arriving at the palace uninvited, where she reportedly demanded to see her sister, Meghan. The police guarding the gates denied her access and eventually, she left angrily, after handing over a note to an officer.

She then went to a nearby store to check out some Harry and Meghan masks.

Samantha had previously announced that she would go to visit her sister in the UK and demand a meeting with the Duchess of Sussex.

Since Meghan and Harry announced their relationship and engagement last year, it has been a string of drama after another. From Samantha's mean words to her half-sister to their father, Thomas Markle, being unable to walk his daughter down the aisle at the last minute.

After several months of lashing out at Meghan, Samantha recently issued a public apology, and her visit to Kensington Palace was supposedly in the hopes of making amends.

We can't imagine that Meghan Markle is too thrilled about the family drama playing out in public. One can only hope things will get resolved soon.

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Royals' fans are upset

Following Samantha's recent attempt to get the attention of the royal family, fans have taken to social media to express their anger at her.

Seeing this as another publicity stunt, they obviously think Samantha is taking things a little too far.

No words yet from the royal family on the matter. Perhaps, they are simply hoping Meghan's half-sister will eventually give up and leave them alone.

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