16-Year-Old British Actor Is About To Become A Father, And Fans Are Slamming Him On Social Media

Date September 25, 2018 19:24

Not many people are happy to hear the news that 16-year-old actor, Alex Bain, will become a father pretty soon.

A shocking pregnancy announcement

The Coronation Street star and his girlfriend, Levi Selby, are about to be parents. Bain, who plays the role of Simon Barlow on the ITV soap, was on the receiving end of a major backlash following the news that his girlfriend is pregnant.


Selby had shared a photo of an ultrasound on her Facebook. She tagged Bain in the picture and revealed the baby's due date, "8th December." To further drive her point home, she added a baby emoji and a bunch of hearts.

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Alex, who was once named the Best Young Actor at the British Soap Awards in 2009, has been on Coronation Street since he was 6, where he plays the son of Peter Barlow.


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Fans are apparently unimpressed

Since the news broke that Bain was about to be a dad, many took to social media to express what they thought of the couple having a baby so young.


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As expected, some opined that Bain was not mature enough to be a parent, and teenage pregnancy would be pretty tough for the couple.

It was not all bad, though. There were a few people who defended Bain and Selby. They believed the couple had the right to make their own choices. And since they are both technically legal, then it shouldn't be anybody's problem what they got up to.

Selby's mother steps in

The mother of Bain's girlfriend, Judith Calvert, rushed to her daughter's defense, as many people continued to refer to the couple as "irresponsible."

She told a commenter not to

judge my daughter by your own low standards,

 and later tweeted,

Cowardly excuse of a human... JEALOUS BULLY springs to mind.


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According to the UK Sun, Bain has been anything but ashamed about the news. He has reportedly been telling anyone who would listen that he is about to become a father.

Whether or not you agree with these teenagers' choices, this might be one of those instances where it's better to say nothing than to be a mean online troll.

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