Back-Rubbing, Hand-Holding! Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Turn Up The PDA During Recent Appearance

Date October 4, 2018

We can always count on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to show how happily in love they are with each other, even during public appearances. And for their most recent tour, they did not disappoint. 

A back-rubbing moment

It's starting to look like the Duke and Duchess cannot help but engage in some PDA. While greeting little children in Brighton, Meghan Markle can be seen lovingly rubbing Prince Harry's back. 

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As the pair was doling out high-fives and chatting with the kids, the Duchess made sure to connect with her husband. Not everyone found this moment as sweet as it was supposed to be, though:

We doubt Harry minded much as he has been known to initiate the PDA a couple of times as well. 

They can't stop holding hands


Perhaps the back-rubbing may have been a little bit much but the way they held each other's hands while navigating through the crowd and even when they sat next to each other was quite adorable. 


At one point, Meghan snuggled super close to her man and even rested her head on his shoulder - showing just how connected they are. 

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A visit to Sussex

The couple was excited to visit their Sussex - the county their official titles are named after. Harry and Meghan delighted the crowd as they met their fans in both East and West Sussex. People lined up the streets cheering as the Duke and Duchess made their appearance.


They kicked off their tour with a visit to Chichester. Meghan Markle looked quite stunning in a green blouse, green leather skirt, and a cream coat. Her hair was tied in a loose bun which happens to be one of her favorite looks. 

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