"Don't Touch Her!" Prince Harry Embarrassing Moment Where He Crossed The Line With A Young Girl Is Revealed

Date September 28, 2018 18:50

Prince Harry is known to be quite warm with the public. He has been pictured hugging fans, playing with kids and basically laughing with anyone. So when, in 2014, he was publicly reprimanded for touching a young lady, things immediately became awkward. 


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'You can't touch her'

The royal had attended a We Day assembly in Wembley Arena. Here he gave a speech and also met young Malala Yousafzai, the girl who famously stood up to the Taliban while defending her rights to go to school.


Craig Kielburger, Co-founder of the youth empowerment event recently spoke to HELLO! about one particularly embarrassing moment that Prince Harry experienced that day. 

Craig explained that he was the one that introduced Prince Harry to Malala. They were all at the backstage when the royal met her. Prince Harry was probably delighted to meet the brave young lady, so naturally, he put an arm around her for a photo. 

(Then) very loudly in the corner Malala’s mother in Urdu shouts 'No, no no,' which translated to 'Not unless you marry her can you touch her.' The Prince was so red in his face at that moment and he was clasping his hands in the front, Malala was so embarrassed.



The pair then had to pose for the photo in a more 'appropriate' way. Craig described it as two shy teenagers going to the prom. They stood side by side and without their hands touching. He added that even though things were a little awkward, it was actually really "sweet and endearing" to watch the two. 

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We imagine Prince Harry has never been told to get his hands off someone. So that must have been a rare and memorable experience for him. 

What's the Duke up to?

Speaking of the royal's outing, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be making one of their most important royal visits yet. The couple will visit Sussex (where their title originated from) on October 3rd, according to this tweet shared by the Kensington Palace. 

The Duke and Duchess have been quite busy with royal travels and duties lately. Let's hope he doesn't encounter more embarrassing scenarios like the one in 2014. 

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