In Love Or Faking It: Body Language Expert Breaks Down 5 Significant PDA Moments Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Date October 22, 2018 09:48

When it comes to royal PDAs, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle always bring it. In fact, they are so into each other so often that people are starting to think their affection may be faked. 

Piers Morgan thinks she's acting

The 'Good Morning Britain' host recently accused Meghan Markle of simply acting the part of the Duchess, implying that she's not genuinely in love with Prince Harry.

She’s an actress, she’s acting great at the moment.

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Later on, he shared a picture of Meghan Markle on Twitter with the caption, "once an actress..." Morgan apparently believed that the former 'Suits' star is putting on a fake persona and that was why she chose to cut off ties with her family.

What does their body language say?

Body language expert, Judy James, broke down some of the couple's on-camera moments to find out if they are indeed faking. 

1. The protective husband

Speaking to the UK DailyMail, James noted that in the picture above, the Duke had his hand on top in a hand-clasp which implies a strong feeling of protectiveness towards his pregnant wife. Meghan complimented the gesture by pulling his arm towards her body, which suggests vulnerability.

2. Taking the lead

Prince Harry often takes the lead during public appearances especially when it comes to nudging his wife to come with him. He uses the subtle 'tow-along' hand-hold for this by physically leading Meghan, who may be struggling with keeping to royal schedule when she's chatting with fans.

3. The secret double-hand hold


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This was a moment of intimacy mostly because the gesture was hidden and was not really meant to technically be a 'display' of attention.

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4. The arm-rub

The couple clasps their hands together but Meghan added an extra arm-rub to reassure her husband of her presence. The way she pulled his arm into her torso also helped to intensify their connection.

Her reassurance rubbing like this is quasi-maternal, boosting his confidence and ego in public.'

5. Part-hold

While at first glance, it may look like Harry isn't holding on as strongly, this was actually a subtle signal from the Duke to his Duchess. It was his way of communicating to Meghan that they would have to break apart momentarily to greet their hosts.

Judi James believes the couple exudes the vibe of two people truly in love and are not afraid to show it, whether in private or in public. 

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