Kim Zolciak Shares Picture Of Her 4-Year-Old And People Are Enraged By The 'Disturbing' Way She Photoshopped The Girl's Body

Date September 28, 2018

As a celebrity, it's almost impossible to share a picture publicly without getting some form of negative comments. And this time around, Kim Zolciak' is the one on the receiving end.

An innocent photo - or not

The reality star shared these posts below on her Instagram page. It featured her twins, Kaia and Kane.

At first, the picture did not seem to be a cause for concern. The cuties were simply enjoying some innocent sibling moments, right? However, another Instagram Page which is aimed at highlighting the differences between fake and photoshopped images on shared a side by side of Kaia.

According to @thegoodthebadandthefake, on the left was the original version of the photo which also posted online, then on the right, was the one Kim shared.

The page observed that the mom had photoshopped her own version to make Kaia's nose look smaller and also adjusted the angle of her butt. It was also pointed out that if you took a closer look at the wall around the child's legs, you could see the curve that normally signified that an image had been tampered with.

People are enraged

Instagram users came for Kim guns blazing after noticing the differences and photoshop attempt. They took to her page and expressed how angry they were that she would go this far to make a four-year-old look more appealing.

@jwoodies did not hold back:

You are truly disgusting for photoshopping your four-year-old. Seriously. Get some help, you clearly have body dysmorphia for yourself AND your poor children.

Another user, @ashleighsubers agreed, saying:

It’s a child who should be taught she’s perfect the way she is but instead, her moms photoshopping her! It’s sad and it’s sick for people to try to defend her and come at people who really call it how it is!

@udo_bekee pointed out that the TV personality may need to get help.

You need some serious help. Please don’t put your own insecurities on your daughter. The world has enough of that and we don’t need a MOTHER (can we even call you that anymore at this point after this?) feeding that in her child. Pleaseee get help and get well soon. Smh.

And @princesspink68 described it as 'heartbreaking.'

I'm not hating but photoshopping your daughter's butt and changing her natural nose is so disrespectful towards her and so wrong. It's heart breaking. Why would you do that?

Kim's response?

Kim Zolciak-Biermann did not technically respond to or defend herself from the allegations that she altered her daughter's picture. However, soon after the photos went viral, she shared a Tweet where she simply said: "I think I've heard it all now!"

We can't say for sure if she's referring to all the drama with the photo. So technically, we are yet to understand if it was all a misunderstanding or whether the mom had her reasons.