Royal Commentator Reveals What Meghan Markle's Royal Title Will Be Plus How Her Name May Change Altogether

Date May 16, 2018

The royal wedding is only a few days away and we are getting more details about what to expect on the big day. For instance, will Meghan Markle's name change altogether?

The wedding party

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be tying the knot on May 19 at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Preparations are obviously underway and this promises to be the event of the year.

Prince William made his brother, Harry a best man at his wedding in 2011. So when Prince Harry reciprocated by naming his big brother as his own best man, it seemed like the perfect thing to do. The royal brothers are known to be quite close.

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In addition, it has also been announced that William and Kate's kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will perform the roles of a pageboy and bridesmaid respectively.

How will Meghan's name change

Just as William and Kate were given the Duke and Duchess titles by Queen Elizabeth during their wedding, it has been speculated that Harry and Meghan will get similar titles. 

The former Suits actress will officially become a Princess when she marries Harry but she is unlikely to be given the title of Princess Meghan. 


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However, according to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, who spoke to the UK Express:

After the wedding, Meghan will be known as HRH The Duchess of Sussex assuming the Queen confers the Dukedom of Sussex on Harry as expected on their royal wedding day.

Fitzwilliams also shared that as Meghan Markle gets married to Harry, the bride will be known as Rachel Meghan - for Rachel being her first name.

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Of course, since she's already known as Meghan, chances are that will not change especially when she's being referred to publicly. 

The Queen's consent

Queen Elizabeth has given a written consent, permitting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to get married. This statement was shared by the royal family social media page.

According to BBC, the consent is important because it is given to the next six people in the line of succession. Prince Harry might have been removed if he did not get it.

Incidentally, the Queen, in her consent, referred to the bride-to-be as Rachel Meghan, making it apparent that this will be her official first name in the royal family.

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