Prince Harry Reveals 6 Reasons Why He Fell In Love With Meghan Markle

Date June 6, 2018

Anyone who sees Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together will have no doubt that these two are completely in love. But what exactly is the reason for their strong bond? Fortunately, we don't have to guess as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been pretty open about what made them fall in love. 


When the pair sat with BBC for an interview after their engagement announcement, Prince Harry revealed quite a bit about what he found fascinating about Meghan:

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1. She was a refreshingly different


For someone who grew up a royal, we imagine Prince Harry has always been surrounded by mostly the same type of people. So when he met American actress Meghan Markle, it was a big difference, and a good one too, apparently.

It was hugely refreshing to be able to get to know someone who isn’t necessarily within your circle, doesn’t know much about me, I didn’t know much about her, so to be able to start almost fresh.

2. He believed she's capable of handling all things royal


The downside of being with someone that is not in the royal circle is that you worry if they can handle everything that comes with being a member of the royal family. Evidently, Prince Harry is pretty sure that Meghan is capable. And what's not to love about a woman who is strong, independent and can handle what life throws at her?

I know that the fact that she'll be really unbelievably good at the job part of it as well is almost is a huge relief to me because she'll be able to deal with everything else that comes with it.

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3. Queen Elizabeth's corgis love her


Okay, every dog owner knows that these creatures are fantastic judges of character. So, seeing how the Queen's beloved dogs took to Meghan when they met her, definitely sealed the deal for this then-bachelor.

And the corgis took to you straight away... I've spent the last 33 years being barked at; this one walks in, absolutely nothing ...

4. Her passion for helping people


Before they met, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have each dedicated years to helping people and making the world a better place. This, no doubt, is a very attractive quality. And Prince Harry looks forward to them both doing it as a team.

She's capable of anything. And together as I said there’s a hell of a lot of stuff, work that needs doing. Both of us have passions for wanting to make a change, change for good.

5. His family loves her


When you are a prince with a large and well-recognized family unit as Harry, it's important that you marry someone who your family will accept. And this was exactly what the Duke got.

The family together have been absolutely, you know, a solid support and my grandparents as well have been - have been wonderful throughout this whole process and they've known for quite some time. 

6. It just felt right


As they say, when you know, you know. All the reasons in the world do not matter as much as knowing in your heart that this person is perfect and right for you. Prince Harry felt the same way and it's no surprise that today, they are married.

 I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was a sort of confirmation to me that everything, all the stars were aligned. Everything was just perfect. It was this beautiful woman just sort of that -- she tripped and fell into my life; I fell into her life. 

Their May 19th wedding was arguably one of the most beautiful events the world has witnessed. And taking a look back at how they met and fell in love, makes it even more so.

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