"Beautiful Goddess": 'The Blue Lagoon' Star Brooke Shields Shows Her Figure In Two-Piece Swimsuit At Age 54 And Fans Are Impressed

Date July 25, 2019 14:55

Actress Brooke Shields has proven herself to be quite the Hollywood stunner. She sure has come a long way from the time she played a controversial role in the film 'Pretty Baby' at age 12.

Today, she's still a well-recognized actress and it's not just for her talents. Brooke has managed to inspire thanks to her ability to maintain a stunning figure.

While many women in their 50s might decide to cover up and go for more conventional outfits, Brooke Shields is not afraid to put it all out there. Who can blame her? At 54, she has the type of body any young woman can envy.

The fact that she's still such a beauty at her age isn't lost on the star who recently showcased exactly what she's with in an Instagram post.

Nearly four decades after she played the ultimate beach diva in the 1980s film, 'The Blue Lagoon', the actress donned a two-piece swimsuit once again.

In the picture which was taken on a boat, Brooke showed off her athletic figure while wearing a pink and black color-block bikini. She had on a baseball cap which obscured her face for the most part but we can't deny that her body alone gave fans reason to drop those compliments.

"Beautiful goddess" @zrubba commented along with some fire and hearts emojis. @buddhagarden12 approved as well, saying, "My gawd you do. not. age. Stunning", and @brooklynnlesley_ said it best, "forever and always a babe."

Several comments shared a similar sentiment and their's no doubt that the actress greatly impressed her devout fans.

In a few different interviews, Brooke Shields has shared some of the lifestyle habits she adopts to stay so slim and healthy. She says she drinks a lot of water, exercises regularly and eats her veggies.

So, rather than envy her, you can try adopting some of her tips and tricks. Perhaps, you too will be strutting your stuff in a bikini in no time.