Kids Grow Up So Fast! Recent Photos Show Victoria And David Beckham’s Son Romeo Evolving Into A Heartbreaker

Date July 19, 2019 11:15

As celebrities with successful careers and parents to four children, David, and Victoria Beckham have a couple of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to raising their children to be grounded.

While speaking to The Telegraph, the celebrity parents revealed that when it comes to their parenting style, they prefer to lead by example.

Rather than give instructions, they show them how to be kind and hard working. Also, even though they allow their kids to be expressive, they never forget to remain strict.

The Beckham kids are all grown!

In recent photos shared on Instagram, we can’t help but gush over how much 16-year-old Romeo and 8-year-old Harper have grown.

In celebration of Harper’s 8th birthday, her big brother, Romeo shared some photos of them both and fans were ecstatic.

Harper has evolved from the little girl her parents doted on, but what caught fans’ attention the most was how Romeo was becoming a heartbreaker. It was evident in the comments of fans.

A thrilled user wrote:

“Please don’t break my heart.”

Another praised:

“We all need a Romeo in our life cause he knows how to treat a girl.”

This user, short of words, simply wrote:

“Uff Romeo!” alongside a fire emoji!

Tips for sibling bond

While we couldn’t get over Romeo’s jaw-dropping looks in the photo, another thing that struck a chord in our hearts was the evident close bond between Harper and Romeo.

If you want your kids to have something as special, here are some tips to help:

  • Encourage activities that make them play together;
  • Promote the idea of sibling teamwork;
  • Support them nurturing each other.

These photos are proof that the Beckham kids are growing up to be superstars just like their parents!