Goldie Hawn And Kate Hudson Open Up About Close Mother-Daughter Relationship And Reveal Hilarious Details Of Kate's Laboring

Date September 26, 2018

Every day media broadcasts about devastating celebrities' family relationships. They are just too glamorous to even have time for each other.

But Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson form the perfect Hollywood mother-daughter duo. They have all the clumsy and fun moments behind the limelight. And damn! They aren't shy to share those hilarious stories with us.

How is Goldie and Kate's mother-daughter relationship?


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Despite baseless rumors about their fights, we can all witness how much love and respect they show to one another at media events. They are both equally happy, beautiful, and stunning. But what about their mutual understanding?

Goldie is actually her daughter's best friend. When she was just 15, Kate came to her mother all scared and told her she has slept with a boy. Instead of lashing out at Kate, her loving mother comforted and entrusted that she can tell her mommy anything.


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Kate's biological father, Bill Hudson isn't so close to her. So her mother tries her best to be everything to her daughter. Goldie indeed is a cool mom! 

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Pregnant Kate Hudson's water almost broke while on Ellen's show

Kate Hudson was pregnant with her third child and was due any day now when she and her mom visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She even jokingly said:

my water can go any second.

She reminisced about her last pregnancy when her fabulous mom, Goldie Hawn, gave her a magnolia flower to represent her vagina. Kate was all laughs about it.


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While her daughter's previous baby delivery, Goldie got so hungry she bought pizza and some Doritos for them. Plus, Kate also mentioned when her mother inquired how long she gonna be in labor. So she can go take a massage and swimming in the meantime. Who knew labor can be fun?


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Goldie is indeed the most thoughtful grandma a child can ever have. She even knits blankets for them. The reason behind her serene and funny behavior during Kate's labor is that she is more excited than stressed.


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Kate's two boys feel great about having a baby sister. She and her boyfriend have also selected a name but the list goes on for new names each day.

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Reaction to their mother-daughter tales

People love seeing them together because they share their private funny stories so candidly.

We wish them both the best of luck in their personal and professional life. Please don't forget to comment and share!

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