Kelly Ripa Graced Us With A Rare Photo Of Her First Meeting With Mark's Mother In 1995

Date September 25, 2018

Television's most beautiful couple is on our radars again! We always love to keep an eye on Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, because they're so lovely with each other. They've been together for over 22 years, but still, give us the newlyweds vibe.

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Kelly and Mark are absolutely perfect for each other and are willing to work on their relationship, which is why everyone who sees them always get a little bit jealous of how amazing they are.


Me: i love you ❤️ Also me: i love fries🍟

Публикация от Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa)

They still cherish everything that's happened in their relationship, and this time, Kelly shared a very special milestone with her followers.

How Kelly met Mark's mother

The famous host took to her Instagram to post a throwback to her first meeting with Mark's mother in 1995 in honor of her birthday. Kelly and Mark look so young and happy in that picture, we just can't help but swoon!

Kelly also added a lovely messaged thanking Mark's mother for having him, isn't it so sweet?

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We also must say there's barely any difference between Mark and Kelly from 1995 and now, they're still just as much in love and glow with happiness every time.

Their youthful spirit might have something to do with Kelly's amazing energy...

Kelly always entertains

It's no wonder Kelly Ripa is one of the most successful TV hosts, she always lights up our screen and we love watching her. If this is the sort of energy she brings home with her, we're not surprised her and Mark are so happy together.

Keep doing you, Kelly, and we can't wait for more photos with the beautiful couple!

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