New Biography Of Betty Ford Reveals 5 Unrespectable Facts About The First Lady

Date October 23, 2018 17:36

Betty Ford, the wife of the 38th President of the United States, Gerald Ford, was the First Lady of the U.S. from 1974 to 1977. She is known for her active involvement in politics, particularly in the social policy area.

It seemed like we already knew everything about Betty Ford. Anyhow, author Lisa McCubbin discovered some unexpected details about Betty’s life and shared them in a full-length biography of the former First Lady.

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As reported by USA Today, the new biography offers 5 unbelievable facts about Betty Ford:

1. Washington was different

It wasn’t as polarized as it is now. It had an impact on Betty Ford’s reaction to the news that Nixon had lied about his involvement in the Watergate scandal and would have to resign, making Gerald Ford president. Betty felt really sad for the Nixons, and was worrying about how this would affect them, but not her.

2. Ford asked his wife's opinion on the pardon deal with Nixon

After the decision of the Supreme Court that Nixon’s tapes should be turned over to the court, the White House chief of staff was attempting to gauge Ford’s willingness to make a deal: Nixon's resignation for a pardon. But Ford answered that he has to discuss it with Betty first.

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3. Secret Service agents are there to keep their charges safe

Agents knew about Betty Ford’s battle with substance abuse, but they didn't address it so as not to raise concerns.

4. Alligator as a pet

Steve Ford once got a small alligator as a pet, which grew larger and larger every day. Unfortunately, it had frozen to death one day, when Betty forgot to bring the alligator’s pen into the basement.

5. The code name for the White House

Turned out, the White House had a code name, and the Secret Service called it 'Crown'.

Betty Ford was an inspiring, strong woman and a wonderful First Lady, who was fighting for equal rights and earned the support of the whole nation.

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