Is Ed Sheeran Married? The Singer's Reaction To An Interviewer's Question About His Secret Wedding Is Very Telling

Date August 29, 2018

Has Ed Sheeran secretly wedded his fiancee, Cherry Seaborn, already?


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She inspired his song "Perfect"

The singer has just teased fans with this possibility more than 6 months after he made a surprise announcement on Instagram that he and Seaborn were engaged.

Sheeran, who disclosed that his fiancee was the inspiration behind the hit ballad "Perfect," had said at the time that he, Seaborn, and their cats were very happy with the development.

He keeps fans guessing

However, he's been less than straightforward with addressing the rumors that they had gone ahead with the wedding already.

When he spoke to Entertainment Tonight about a new documentary, Songwriter, based on his career, he merely shrugged when he was asked about the secret wedding. Urghh! But, perhaps that's all the answer we need?

About his dream wedding, Sheeran said he prefers an intimate gathering and would not (or did not) sing at his own wedding. Well, fans are nonetheless congratulating him.

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