One Tree Hill Actress Jana Kramer Says 35 Is Too Old For Women To Get Pregnant. She's Making Her Husband Get A Vasectomy!

Date August 31, 2018 13:52

Jana Kramer does not think women have any business getting pregnant after they turn 35.


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Pregnancy after miscarriages

Kramer is currently expecting her second child with her husband, the former pro footballer, Mike Caussin. The couple suffered a series of miscarriages – 5 natural conceptions and 2 failed IVF cycles – before they got lucky.


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The One Tree Hill star is due in November, and she's decided that this is going to be her last. She made the big declaration at the premiere of Support the Girls in LA, where she spoke to Us Weekly

Is she afraid?

Caussin is getting a vasectomy done because Jana says she wants to spend the rest of her 30's getting in shape.


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She said:

I’m gonna be 35 in December, and after 35, it’s basically a geriatric pregnancy.

It's not all vanity for Kramer, though. She revealed plans to adopt in the future. But are her worries about pregnancy above 35 unfounded?

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Not entirely. Medical experts warn that getting pregnant after 35 can expose women to risks of diabetes, problems with the placenta, and high blood pressure. These risks can be minimized with professional advice, healthy dieting, and balanced exercising.

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