Steamy Romance, New Hot Doctors, And More! Here's Why The Newly Released Trailer Of Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Got Everyone Talking

Date September 12, 2018

Fans of Grey's Anatomy, get in here! The official trailer of season 15 is out, and everyone is talking about it.

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This isn't an attempt to plug the show for non-fans. But if you did not follow season 14, you missed out on some of the most heartwarming, and yes, nerve-racking moments on television.


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Drama at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital reached a high with cliffhanger surgeries, weddings, pregnancy hints, and the exit of two of its main characters.

What to expect

Season 15 promises to deliver even more drama. To start with, Dr. Meredith's got a new man. The trailer teases fans with some steamy details about this new romance we can't help but root for, and in just 30 seconds, it promises to give fans the feels.

What's more, the series which already parades some of the best looking male doctors on TV – ditto the hot Jesse Williams – is welcoming two more hot doctors, portrayed by Chris Carmack and Alex Landi. A sight for sore eyes, literally, and people are freaking out online.

Can't say we blame them. The new season's 2-hour premiere drops on September 27 on ABC. It'll show the episodes With a Wonder and a Wild Desire and Broken Together. This is going to be the longest two weeks wait in history for the fans of the show.

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