Jennifer Garner Is Doing Something Really Sweet To Help Parents Prepare For Hurricane Season

Date September 20, 2018

Jennifer Garner has helpful suggestions for parents who have to live through the hurricane season with their children.


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Massive destruction

This is especially handy as hurricane Florence tears through cities along the Carolina coast leaving destruction in its wake.


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Last week, the first warnings went after the projected mild tropical storm intensified and threatened the affected states with days long rainfall and tornados.

Her longlist included what to say to children to prepare them, stressing the importance of making them understand it is a natural event, and ensuring they know that their safety is your priority.


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Garner also urged parents to prepare an evacuation route, have their cars gassed up and arm their children with emergency contact cards in case they go missing. In addition, LiveScience says it's important to not only storm-proof your home but also stock up on emergency supplies. We hope everyone stays safe.

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