Prince William Was 'Irritated' By The Unusual Gift He Received For Prince George During An Official Visit To Newcastle

Date September 13, 2018

The Cambridges are known for being an outdoorsy sports-loving family, but Prince William got a little miffed recently when he was presented with a sports gift for Prince George.


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Why did he get awkward?

It’s not clear if his reaction was inspired by royal protocol or if this was fierce loyalty to his club, but during a recent visit to Newcastle, William was gifted with a mini football jersey for Prince George and he had a hard time feigning gratitude.


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The proud lifelong Aston Villa fan had the most awkward official smile on his face as he held onto the jersey gift and said

Oh my goodness, I don’t know about this,

before he added,

That’s very kind.

Shy George is growing really fast

William was in Newcastle as a guest at the Great Exhibition of the North. The 3-month long event celebrates the North of England’s pioneering spirit with a showcase of their art, culture, design, and innovation.

Prince William who met with the brains behind the event during the trip has said in the past that Charlotte is a more adept footballer than George, but this remains to be seen.

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Her shy older brother recently turned 5 and is growing every day. He may just surprise the family with his skills even if he’s bound by royal rules and can’t possibly play professionally.

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