Blake Lively Has A Confession: She Isn't A Fan Of Cool Internet Moms Like Herself Who Make Parenting Look Easy

Date September 11, 2018

Blake Lively has a bone to pick with cool moms, and when you hear what she has to say, you’ll probably be on her side too.


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She's one of those cool moms too

The actress has two daughters herself and somehow manages to make parenting in Hollywood look like a lot of fun along with her hilarious husband, Ryan Reynolds.


The worst day of my life... @asimplefavor

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But, while promoting her latest film, A Simple Favour, in which she stars as a fashion executive who’s friends with a mommy blogger (Anna Kendrick), she opened up about how the real-life army of mommy bloggers online make her feel.

She can't stand mom bloggers

We can’t imagine anything getting to her or making her feel attacked about her parenting skills but Lively told People that she finds these perfect moms living their perfect lives so out of touch with her own reality. She only reads them for comic relief.


When they’re SUPER thrilled about running errands with you! #realmomsweargrey

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It’s hard not to agree with the actress, but we wonder if she has ever stumbled on the Instagram account @realmomsweargrey.


L I F E. #allinthistogether #realmomsweargrey

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There’s absolutely nothing pretentious about these messy moms, and we can totally relate with their upside-down lives! That said, it's still not a crime to be a perfect mom, right?

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