Meghan?! Picture Of ‘Meghan Markle’ Picking Up Dog Poo Near Kensington Palace Goes Viral, But Is It Really Her?

Date September 17, 2018 10:06

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her love of dogs. Recently, the Internet went bananas over the news that Meghan and Harry decided to adopt a four-legged friend. It was confirmed that the breed is Labrador, and the couple has already chosen a name.

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Their fur-baby is called Oz, and he is settling in very well. Meghan already has a dog – a rescue beagle Guy, who moved with her across the pond.

Being a big dog lover, many people weren’t surprised when they heard the news that the duchess was seen outside Kensington Palace picking up her dog’s poo. But was it really Meghan?

Mysterious woman

The Twitter was sent into a frenzy when the photo of a woman looking very much like the Duchess of Sussex appeared on the Internet. The snap showed a woman dressed in black, who was standing outside the Kensington Palace gate, while her dog was doing its business.

The snap was shared by the US journalist Lisa Petrillo, who claims she saw Meghan, while she was on holiday in London. However, not everyone is convinced it was the real duchess, including the royal commentator Omid Scobie.


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Was it Meghan?

The Twitter world divided into two camps – one believes the mysterious woman is the Duchess of Sussex and the other is certain it is not her.

What do you think? Is the woman on the photo Meghan Markle?

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Meghan Markle